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Wonderful landscaping plants, Cycads are grown for the foliage, the texture that they add to the garden, as well as the large decorative flowers or fruit that will appear on mature specimens.

They are actually fairly easy to grow given that you can provide a well drained soil. Landscapers love them as they are suitable to grow in pots or containers. However they are equally at home in the garden, just choose the right variety for the right position. Most Cycads, including cycas revoluta will grow better in than ground than in a pot.

In wet areas, try terracing the garden to provide that elusive well drained soils, this is particularly true in tropical and sub tropical areas where summer rain can dump lots of water in the garden.

Remember that cycads have fairly large root systems so make sure you choose a container big enough to allow for growth. The sago palm (cycas revoluta ) is popular as an indoor plant and will do well in a situation with bright filtered light.