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Cycas revoluta - The Sago Palm

Cycas revoluta - The Sago Palm

An ancient plant that is popular in landscaping, Cycas revoluta is the King Sago Palm is a native to Japan and nearby areas. Fairly easy to grow both indoors and outside, Sago palms are suitable for growing in containers. while many plants change and evolve, this one has remained the same for millions of years.

These are a slow growing plant so prices will vary from around $50 - 60 for a small plant through to $700 plus for larger specimens.

The Sago Palm Tree or Cycas Revoluta is one of the most popular 'palm trees' grown in gardens across the USA, the catch is the 'Sago Palm' is not really a palm.

A Sago Palm is actually a cycad and not a palm tree as such and as it copes with a wide range of climatic conditions the Sago palm tree is versatile and fairly easy to care for.

Sago Palms are very popular in the following states : Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and California. They are also grown indoors in many Shopping Centres and Malls.

Where can you grow the Sago Palm

This is an adaptable plant that will grow well from around 12F right through to 100F, so in USDA zones 7b - 8 through to zone 11. It is fairly happy outdoors in the garden. In colder climates, it is a container plant and is over wintered indoors.

Where to buy

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