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Dahlia flower

After consulting a few experts here are our tips on the best way to grow dahlias. Firstly Dahlia season in in summer, and flowers come in a range of colours from white through to deep reds, some small, some as big as dinner plates.

How to Grow Dahlias

Dahlia bulbs, tubers and plants are a favourite flower and varieties are readily available for sale online from specialist Dahlia Nurseries.

Dahlias are grown from Tubers or Bulbs and flowers come in many colors and forms. Dahlia Bulbs are simple to plant and grow and do well in many areas.

Many questions are asked about how to grow Dahlias, when to plant, location soil requirements and how to grow them from cuttings.

Dahlia flowers vary greatly from complex decorative types to simple varieties. A list of classifications appears to the right.

Where to plant Dahlias

Simple dahlia flower


Ideally you will find a position with good morning sun and dappled or filtered afternoon shade, this works well for most home gardeners.

For those looking to grow those exhibition quality flowers then a 50% shade cloth will be beneficial. This not only controls the light but will also protect flowers from any heavy rain.

Soil Preparation

Dahlias are actually fairly tolerant of soil conditions, as long as drainage is good. However a humus rich soil with added well rotted animal manure will certainly give better results.

Many grower sow a green manure crop and dig this back into the soil with extra manure in early spring before planting out the dahlia tubers.

Do Dahlias require any extra fertilizer ?

If you want big healthy plants, yes ! We suggest an application of a general garden fettilizer as soon as the first buds begin to appear. This should be a balanced fertilizer NOT a high nitrogen type, we are after flowers not leaf growth. An application of sulphate of potash when new growth first commences is also beneficial


Dahlia Varieties

Dahlias come in many flower forms and colors ranging from white through to deep red, forms or varieties include those listed below. The Watererlily variety pictured right is one of the best dahlia varieties of all.

  • Single-flowered Dahlias
  • Anemone-flowered Dahlias
  • Collerette Dahlias
  • Paeony Dahlias or Peony Dahlias
  • Formal Decorative Dahlias
  • Miniature Decorative Dahlias
  • Ball Dahlias
  • Pompon Dahlias
  • Cactus Dahlias
  • Semi-Cactus Dahlias
  • Fimbriated Dahlias
  • Single Orchid Dahlias
  • Double Orchid Dahlias
  • Waterlily Dahlias
  • Informal Flowered Decorative Dahlias
  • Large Pompon Dahlias
  • Stellar and Dark Foliage Dahlias
  • Tiny Tot, Dwarf and Baby Dahlias

Looking at Bulbs in more detail


Easy by division, or splitting of tubers when dormant. However we have two schools of thought on this subject.

  1. Divide when you dig them in fall. This way its done and they are ready to plant.

  2. Divide them in spring as they begin to show signs of growth when the 'eyes' swell and are easier to see.

You basicly need a tuber to provide energy for the new shoot, so a sharp knife will be needed to divide them properly.

Where to Buy

Readily available from specialist growers.