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Daphne pontica

Daphne pontica

With fascinating green flowers Daphne pontica is a small plant flowering late in spring. With a spreading habit Daphne pontica will reach around 4ft in height with a similar spread.

However it is slow growing so be patient.

Also known as the 'twin Flowered Daphne', the flowers are nicely perfumed, and although some gardeners say thay are not attractive, we tend to disagree.

Large dark green, shiny foliage and spidery greeny yellow scented flowers followed by dark berries in summer. This an attractive plant for a shaded or woodland garden.


Plant profile, growing notes and photographs for Pontica indicate that Daphne pontica is suited to zones 6 - 9. As long as humidity is not a problem and drainage is good this is a plant that is worth a try.

  • Daphne pontica is an excellent for heavy shade.
  • Try a humus rich moist but free draining soil.
  • Water in well with a liquid seaweed fertilizer
  • Pruning is generally not required although a little tip pruning is recommended.

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