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Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline Postill'

A lovely spring flowering species Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline Postill' has lovely fragrant pink flowers in spring. The flowers of this daphne are quite large with a strong pink colour. Theis a species from Nepal and 'Jacqueline Postill' is a seedling from the variety D. bholua 'Gurkha'.

Semi evergreen, in cooler climates it will lose a fair amount of foliage in winter to be sparked back to life in early spring. One of the fastet growing daphnes this variety makes an excellent plant for small gardens where a little height is required.

We would not regard the fragrance as being as strong as D.odora, however the flowers do appear in profusion on tall stems, and these stems can be cut for indoors.

Although this plant is from Nepal, it is from the foothills, usually from heights of 5000 ft, and these areas do not recieve the freezing winters of the northern USDA zones. The concept of 'semi deciduous' simply means that Daphne. 'Jacqueline Postill' will lose folaige in accordance to the coldness of the winter. In very cold zones it will need protection during winter.


Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline Postill' will grow to 4 - ft and has a fairly upright habit. Dappled shade in a humus rich moist but free draining soil is best.

  • Excellent for dappled shade.
  • Try a humus rich moist but free draining soil.
  • Water in well with a liquid seaweed fertilizer
  • Pruning is generally not required if tip pruned on a regular basis.
  • You can cut stems for indoor flowers, however only prune when the plantis in active growth. If pruned at other times dieback may be a problem.


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