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Although Delphiniums are sometimes characterised as blue flowering giants, many other colors are available. Easily grown from seed, these wonderful plants are best suited to cooler zones. Also known as Larkspur.

These highly hybridised plants with tall flower spikes, especially the hybrid type elatum delphiniums are rightly called 'Pacific Giants'. Colors range from white through to pink purple and of course the wonderful blues.

Delphimiun varieties include

  • Delphimiun elatum hybrids - Pacific Giants
  • Delphinium grandiflorum - Siberian Larkspur

Growing Delphiniums from seed

Best grown from fresh seed, Delphiniums are planted in spring. A few key points will have seeds germination well and producing lots of healthy plants.

Seed Germination

Delphinium seeds are best planted in a sterile seed raising mix.

Germination takes place at around 68 - 75F and at this stage the seedling trays need to be kept moist.

You can use a tray that provides bottom heat to assist with germination and some gardeners like to cover the newly planted seeds with damp cardboard for the first 4 days.

Seeds that are germinated in the dark, will need to be moved into light as soon as they do, otherwise you may lose them.

Once germination has commenced seedlings can be removed to a 'slightly cooler' environment.

As the second set of leaves appear, transplant into individual pots. We use the biodegradable pots that can be planted into the garden when the seedlings are ready.

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New millennium Delphiniums, New Zealand Hybrid Delphiniums, photos, cultivation notes and the opportunity to buy seed for these glorious English hybrid type elatum delphiniums.
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