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Deutzia gracilis'Nikko'

A group of small to medium sized shrubs, Deutzia are mainly deciduous shrubs. Excellent garden plants in USDA zones 4 - 9, although they will need some protection in the colder areas.

Best known for species such as Deutzia gracilis, they are an easy care group of plants. Flowering is spring with masses of flowers appearing along the arching canes. Attractive green foliage through to fall,although not noted for fall color.

Deutzia gracilis'Nikko' is pictured right, a very attractive low growing form that will reach around 2ft tall and spead over 4 - 6 ft. One of the few varieties suited to container growing.

The lower growing varieties are excellent candidates for the rock garden, alo great for lining a pathway where the mounding habit and easy to prune nature can give a great 'informal' hedge effect.

Deutzia varieties include

  • Deutzia gracilis
  • Deutzia gracilis'Nikko'
  • Deutzia scabra
  • Deutzia magnifica
  • Deutzia magnifica 'Pride Rochester'
  • Deutzia rosea 'Carminea'

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