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Dymondia margaretae

Dymondia margaretae is an excellent ground cover plant originally from South Africa. A member of the daisy family with attractive foliage and yellow daisy like flowers, this is perhaps the toughest of the genus.

A slow spreading low growing ground cover that is often called 'silver carpet', or 'carpet gazania', this is a plant that can handle foot traffic. It really is a 'ground hugging' plant reaching only a few inches high.

The foliage is a green blue / grey on top with silver undersides, the flowers appear from spring to summer, a bright sunny yellow.

As a landscaping plant use Dymondia margaretae as a low care ground cover, or between paving stones. It also grows well in a pot. Excellent in part shade beneath taller plants.


  • Family - Asteracae
  • Genus - Dymondia
  • Common Names - Silver Carpet, Carpet Gazania
  • Origin- South Africa
  • Culture - Easy care in a sunny position - well drained soil
  • Height - 2 inches
  • Width - 36 inches spreading by runners.
  • Landscaping Uses - Ground cover plant for dry conditions. Tough and hard wearing
  • Maintenance - Prune back to control runners
  • Pests and Diseases - Very Few.