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Echeveria 'Raindrops'

With so many varieties in both flower and leaf form Echeveria are regarded as the most attractive and versatile of all of the smaller growing succulents.

Grown in containers inside and outdoors, and in the garden in warmer zones they are an easy care plant that look great all year round. Summer flowering in most cases, they do need sun to get the best foliage color.

For those looking for Echeveria with dark foliage Echeveria affinis is the species to look for it is known as the Black Echevaria. However a few cultivars are highly regarded, including the hybrid E. Black Prince.

Some Echevarias are distinctly clump forming and will quickly spread to fill a container with offsets appearing frequently. This makes them easy to propagate, and often cheaper to buy.

Other species are much slower to put out offsets, they have a rather solitary habit and are often more expensive.


A few species are highly sought after including

  • Echeveria elgens with its neat rosettes of silvery leaves and pink flowers in early summer.
  • Echeveria gluaca, often called the Mexican Hen and Chicken plant has attractive blue green foliage again neat rosettes of folaige.
  • Echeveria imbricata with its flowers on tall spikes is another.

    Echeveria 'Blue Curls'
    And then we have the hybrids such as :

  • Echeveria "perle von Nurnberg', (pictured above right) is a hybrid between E. gibbiflora and E. potosina. In a sunny position, this plant will display brilliant red folage.

  • Echeveria Blue Curls, which is a hybrid of Echeveria shaviana. it is also one of the most popular of frilled leaf varieties. The silvery green blue leaves are margined with pink to red, it forms a nice rosette and will reach 10 - 12 inches (25 - 35 cm) across.

  • Echeveria 'Raindrops' (pictured top right) with grey green leaves margined rith red and fascinating caruncles or 'bumps' on the foliage.

Top Tips

Echeveria grow best in a humus rich soil mix especially in containers.

Use a general purpose soil mix, rather than a specielaist cactus and succulent mix.

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