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Edgeworthia chrysantha

If you are looking for a shrub with year round interest Edgeworthia chrysantha could be it. Papery bark and fragrant flowers are a start, originally from China, the flowers look a little like large daphne flowers.

Also known as the 'Oriental Paper Bush' and 'Yellow Daphne, and it is also used to make paper.

In spring it is covered with masses of small hanging ball like flowers, all on bare stems which makes them a standout. Yellow, White and Red depending on variety.

In summer the foliage takes over, lush and green, the individual leaves are large and add a nice cool tropical feel to the garden. Attractive red stems as well.

As winter comes around we have a bit of a lull in Edgeworthia world, however by mid winter the new buds are beginning to form. All silky and silvery on bare stems.

These are a bushy small shrub to around 4 - 9 ft tall depending on species and growing conditions.


Edgeworthia chrysantha.
A number of varieties, the species with yellow perfumed flowers.

  • Edgeworthia chrysantha grandiflora have larger flowers than the species.
  • Edgeworthia chrysantha ' Red Dragon' is a wonderful red flowering cultivar, also sold as Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Akebono'.
  • Edgeworthia chrysantha ' Ruby Splash', red flowers but rarely offered for sale.

Other Species

  • Edgeworthia gardenii. This is a larger growing evergreen species that will reach 6 - 9 ft, yellow flowers around the size of a golf ball, and good fragrance. Although it is from Nepal it is not as cold tolerant as E. chrysantha or E.papyrifa. Rarely seen in cultivation as it is diffifult to propagate.

  • Edgeworthia papyrifera - Not as winter hardy as E. chrysantha, however attractive if slightly smaller, yellow flowers. Reaches around 8ft in height. The bark is used to make high quality specialist paper.


Propagation is easiest from cuttings taken in summer.

Edgworthia are available for sale from the following nurseries

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