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Erodium chamaedryoides

Erodium chamaedryoides flore plena

Also known as Storksbill and Cranesbill Erodium chamaedryoides is a very low growing grouncover plant, small pink flowers and attractive scalloped leaves. The common name comes from its appearance, like a miniature cranesbill geranium.

Erodium chamaedryoides flore plena is a pink flowering variety - pictured right.

These are a hardy plant that can withstand a cold winter, however not heavy frosts and freezes. They are slow growing, however will eventaully spread to fill a small container, or cover a 1ft area.

For some reason Erodium chamaedryoides flowers at strange times, the main flower flush is in spring to summer, however it will also flower in winter if it feels like it.

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