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Euonymus japonicus


A small to medium growing evergreen shrub Euonymus japonicus comes in a number of varieties with many of the variegated forms being sought after as garden plants.

The common name is the 'Japanese Spindle Bush' and they are used in the garden as fillers, low growing ground covers as well as background shrubs.

Very popular due to the hardy nature, drought and frost tolerant and growing well in poor soils.

The variegated forms including Euonymus japonicus 'Mediopictus', pictured right, add extra color to thee garden through the year.

The upright forms are excellent as an alternative typeof low growing hedge or border plant.


  • tom thumb - Very low growing to around 2ft
  • silver king - Mid green leaves with a silvery to creamy white margin, fairly upright.
  • green spire - A more upright cultivar that can be used as a narrow hedge.
  • pierrolino - New growth is almost white before maturing to a deeoer green. Will reach around 2ft
  • green rocket - Dark green and upright to around 4ft
  • chollipo - Deep green leaves with deep yellow margins.
  • kathy - Mid Olive green leaves with near white margins


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