A climbing plant that requires a tropical to sub tropical climate, Freycinetia are not widely grown as garden plants outside of tropical areas. However they are an interesting group, and Louis de Freycinet who these plants are named after, does have reputation as an explorer.

A group of sub tropical plants originally from Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Freycinetia are small woody climbing plants related to pandanus or 'screw pine), usually from rainforest areas.


Freycinetia species
  • Freycinetia arborea is from Hawaii
  • Freycinetia auriculata is from Philippines
  • Freycinetia banksii is a native of New Zealand
  • Freycinetia cumingiana is from Philippines
  • Freycinetia excelsa is a small woody climber from Queensland
  • Freycinetia storckii is from American Samoa
  • Freycinetia urvilleana is from Tonga

  • Other species include:
  • Freycinetia maxima
  • Freycinetia mariannensis
  • Freycinetia multiflora
  • Freycinetia ponapensis