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Gentiana Acaulis

A fascinating plant , smany species with those sought after 'Blue Flower' Gentiana have been a little neglected by nurseries and gardners alike.

Although they have been in cultivation for years they are under used. So if you are looking for brilliant blue flowers, then the Gentians are worth looking for.

They vary from low growing matt forming types to small perrenial plants, all are fairly easy easy to grow.

Gentiana species contain some of the few true blue flowering plants as well as yellow and pink flowering varieties.

G. septemfida or crested gentian, is a brilliant blue plant. G. Acualis is a smaller growing (stemless) species, G. Lutea however is a yellow flowering species.

Gentiana or Gentians are an Alpine plant that can be difficult to establish but are well worth the effort for a dazzling display of flowers some in spring, and some in fall.


Gentiana Varieties Include
  • Gentaina scabra
  • G. acaulis (Stemless Gentian)
  • G. asclepiadea (Willow Gentian)
  • G. andrewsii (Closed Bottle Gentian)
  • G. boissieri
  • G. brachyphylla
  • G. clausa (Bottle Gentian)
  • G. cruciata (Star Gentian)
  • G. dahurica
  • G. douglasiana (Swamp Gentian)
  • G. lutea (Great Yellow Gentian)
  • G. scabra (Japanese Gentian)
  • Ga septemfida (Crested Gentian)
  • G. verna (Spring Gentian)
  • G. villosa (Striped Gentian)