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Hosta Varieties

Hosta Plant

With Hostas coming in different colors, leaf forms and sizes, these shade loving plants are a wonderful addition to shady position any garden.

Literally 100s of varieties of Hosta Plants are readily available for sale online we love then when planted in a clump next to a path where the foliage can be admired.

Grow them in the garden, in containers or even in hanging baskets, if you choose the right variety it is sure to make an impact.

The choice of size is one consideration. Miniature varieties will grow to around 6" - 8" tall, they are well suited to use as a low border or as fillers between other plants. The low growing nature allows them them to add scale to the garden.

Larger growing types are the ones that add impact to the garden. Plant them in a prominent position where they can overflow onto a garden path, or perhaps in a container where they can be slightly lifted. Again adding impact to the garden.

Often grown in the garden and containers as foliage plants some have great flowers as well. Easy care in a shaded position these are some of the best plants for foliage color from spring to fall.

Hostas are grown primarily for the foliage which makes a fantastic show in spring especially if you have the room for and can buy the giant Hosta cultivars such as 'Hosta Princess Wu'.

Hostas do flower, and some flowers are attractive, however it is the foliage of the Hosta plant that is the real attraction.

Hosta Francee for example has green leaves margined with cream, while Hosta 'Blue Angle' has textured blue leaves. Hosta ‘Dream Queen' has Yellow centers to its green leaves.

Large Leaf Hosta Varieties

The giant hostas can reach 3 -4 ft in height, they add height and texture to the garden. Some have deeply veined foliage, and these are the giant varieties that add the most impact. The giant varieties start at around 24" tall, however look for the leaf texture and color, not simply the size.

  • Elegans - A proven winner over many years. Attractive blue green foliage, nicely cupped and puckered. Given good conditions H.elgans will form a clump 6' round over time.
  • Sum and Substance - What can be said about what is most likely the most popular Hosta of all time. Large glossy leaves, great texture in yellow green leaves that can reach nearly 18" long.
  • Sagae - Large mid to deep green leaves nicely margined with cream to white. The foliage color will vary depending on the amount of sun.
  • Maggie May - Large deep green leaves, glossy and heart shaped. However this large Hosta has a more upright habit that most. So the foliage tend to droop gracefully. The 'Rock and Roll' Hosta.
  • Cardewell Yellow - Probably the best yellow foliage of the large leafed varieties.
  • Empress Wu - Deep green veined leaves and it can reach 4' in height in good conditions. It is the largest available.
  • Biggie - We like this for its heavily textured foliage, deep green and thick. And we like the texture in itself as well as for its slug and snail resistance.

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