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Blue Flowering Hyacinth

Popular for their perfume and are widely grown for cut flowers as well as in the garden bed. They have been grown for hundreds of years, mainly for the fragrance and the fact that they signalled that spring had arrived.

Chances are you have been given a pot of Hyacinths when they are in flower, they do make a great gift. After they have died back, simply plant the bulbs into the garden, you will be rewarded with flowers the following the spring.

Hyacinth bulbs are also popular for growing indoors where they can be grown it pots or containers or in special, 'Hyacinth Vases' where they grow without soil, the bulb sits in the neck of the vase and the roots are allowed to reach down into the water below.

With upright, strappy glossy foliage and waxy flowers appearing as spikes on Hyacinth flowersconsist of numerous small, tube shaped florets on a bare stem.

Flower color varies from deep blues (pictured right) through to pinks and whites.

Buying and Planting Hyacinth Bulbs

Bulbs are generally available for sale ready to be planted in late summer through to early winter. In the garden they require a well drained soil and a sunny position

Lifting and Dividing

You do not need to lift Hyacinths every year, however they will benefit from dividing every 3 - 4 years to inprove vigor.

Other Info

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Hyacinth Bulbs are available for sale from nurseries from fall to winter.