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Hydrangea aspera

Hydrangea aspera are native to the Himalayas through to Taiwan. Deciduous and growing to 6ft (2m) it is characterised by large lacecap flower heads with inner small flowers and a ring of larger flowers. Also known as the rough leaved hydrangea.

Hardy to Zone 7 Hydrangea aspera prefer a humus rich moist well drained soil and are naturally found in a woodland setting. Part shade or dappled shade is best with protection from afternoon sun.


  • Hydrangea aspera macrophylla is characterised by large foliage.
  • Hydrangea aspera strigosa is another "lace-cap" that has violet centre flowers and ring paler outer petals. More tolerant of sun that others with naturally drooping foliage.
  • Hydrangea aspera sargentiana has large foliage and will grow to 9ft (3m).
  • Hydrangea aspera villosa has course ( hairy) dark green foliage and an attractive flat flower head.