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Kentia palm - Howea forsteriana

The Kentia palm 'is Howea forsteriana', an elegant palm with dark, lustrous arching fronds coming from a single trunk.

This is a palm that naturally grows as an under story plant, which makes it excellent for growing indoors, in fact on of the best palm trees for indoor use.

They are a neat palm, with a single trunk, although often planted in small clumps to give a more natural landscaping effect.

Regarded by many as one of the most attractive palms in the world the Kentia Palm has an attractive shape making it most desirable for interior decore.

Kentia Palms are also suitable for growing outdoors in warmer climates.


  • The simple rule is DO NOT PRUNE.

Pruning can cause damage to the plant that opens it up to disease. Any really dead fronds can be removed if you must, but do not cut back into living tissue.


  • Leaf marks are usually due to to much direct sun.
  • Over watering will caise root rot.
  • Yellow foliage is often due to under watering.
  • Stems that are begining to droop usually mean under waterinh.

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