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Leucojums or ' Snowflakes'

Leucojum autumnale

Another wonderful easy care bulb that heralds the end of winter are the Leucojums or 'Snowflakes'. They grow well in such a range of conditions, from humus rich deep soils to poor sandy soils that they truely are a 'no fuss' spring bulb.

However they do have different flowering chaacteristics, some in spring, some others in fall. Attractive white flowers on long stems are what they allgive you.

Some Leucojums or ' Snowflakes' flower in early to mid spring and with nodding white flowers if you choose the right species you can have flowers for 6 - 8 weeks. And of course we also have the fall flowering Leucojum autumnale (syn Acis autumnale) which can flower in late summer to fall.

The spring snowflakes are Leucojum vernum the earliest to flower, and Leucojum aestivum, which does not flower until 5 - 6weeks later

Leucojum vernum is the best known, although L. aestivum is well worth looking for, as is the larger form Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant'.

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Lifting and Dividing

Lift only when you really need to divide them.

Wait until the foliage has died completely back before attempting this.

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