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Mammillaria is a large and varied genus within the cactus family, over 250 species and one of the most widely grown cactus of all. The popularity is due to the ease of care and propagation of most species. They are widely found for sale, even in the big boxes. However the rarer species are still the realm of the collector.

Originally from Mexico and surrounding countries Mammillaria are sometimes known as nipple cactus, fishhook cactus or pincushion cactus.

Being such a large genus it is difficult to give a general description of Mammillaria, however we include some photographs to give an idea of the diversity.

Mostly globe shaped and clump forming many Mammillaria species are grown as single specimens due to the dramatic natural appearance of individual plants.

Propagation and hybridisation has produced many spectacular flowering specimens and these are one of the most widely cultivated of all cactus.


Mammillaria bocasana

Many of the easy to grow species are sold in garden centres, however the variety available from online suppliers far surpasses this.

You will rarely see Mammillaria bocasana, pictured above for sale in your local nursery. Howver it is available for sale online from specialist growers.

With over 150 species including: mammillaria elongata, mammillaria gracilis, mammillaria spinosissima, mammillaria bocasana, mammillaria zeilmanniana, mammillaria theresae.

Mammillaria are native to Mexico and to a lesser extent USA and other surrounding countries.


The species can be propagated from seed.