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Massonia depressa

Massonia depressa

Also known as the 'hedgehog lily' Massonia depressa is a succulent native to South Africa semi arid regions.

With a pair of prostrate (flattened) leaves that sit on the ground and in flower Massonia depressa has a white thistle shaped flower (made up almost entirely of stamens) that sits just above the leaves.

Widely grown by collectors and enthusiasts this is the largest growing species of the genus. The leaves will get to nearly 10 inches long (30 cm). An excellent indoor plant that will flower in winter, just when you need it to.

The flowers themselves are like paint brushes, little bristles, they are fragrant, a little like honey, though not over powering.


  • Massonia jasminiflora
  • Massonia pustulata


The species can be propagated from seed.