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Mock Orange (Philadelphus)

Mock Orange Plant


If you are looking for a perfumed bushy shrub then one of the Mock Orange varieties could be worth considering. These are Philadelphus species, and a good selection of Mock Orange plants arereadily available for sale online. From a small to medium growing bush from the Philadelphus group of plants.

The low growing Philadelphus 'Manteau d'Hermine' is an exciting hybrid that makes a good ground cover plant. Taller varieties can be used as large shrubs to small trees at the back of the garden border.

A very fragrant plant and with flowers that give of and citrus orange perfume, they work well near paths and walkways in the garden and are suited as a hedge plant. Mock Orange Shrubs and plants are deciduous and do require a little pruning to keep in shape.
You can find mock orange cultivars with double flowers, some dwarf varieties and some with larger flowers than others.

Available for sale online during the colder months when they are dormant, ready for planting so that in spring when the plant springs to life your garden can be filled with that delightful Mock Orange fragrance.


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