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Native plants of North America

Native plants are those that have been found to growing before European settlement. Although many common and rare species of native plants are closely related to those found in other countries. North American Native plants have evolved and adapted to specific climates and ecosystems.

Some of the native best plants for landscaping include:

  • Evergreen Magnolias
  • Agastache
  • Mondara
  • Echinacea
  • Cornus florida
  • Wisteria
  • Yucca

Native plants are important because they are hardy within their area and are important to maintain ecosystems. Local native plant nurseries are often best placed to supply plants from nursery stock for re vegetation projects.

Using native plants in the garden

When considering turning all or a part of your garden into a native garden you still need to consider basic garden design principles, if you are trying to create a natural look similar to a woodland or if you are looking at a more formal garden.

Rock gardens are well suited to growing native succulents, cacti and desert plants, rock gardens can provide the drainage required by these plants.

A miniature woodland could be excellent for growing our native trilliums and shooting stars and of course a large garden or park is a fitting place for a feature tree, perhaps a Redwood or a Maple.

When looking to buy native plants online ask about the growing requirements of particular species, but don't be put off if it sounds a little difficult, gardeners are always growing plants in places where they just shouldn't grow, after all we are a persistent lot.

Native plants are available from specialist native plant nurseries.

Where to Buy

Native plants are available from specialist native plant nurseries.

AMERICAN NATIVE NURSERY Call and Fax Toll Free: 855-PLANT-NATIVE (855-752-6862)
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Wholesale/retail Native Plant Nursery - native flowers, grasses, ground cover, shrubs and trees, propagating highly desirable & rare indigenous plants from seed sources within the Northern Piedmont and surrounding eco regions.

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