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Pinus mugo

Pinus mugo is commonly known as the Dwarf or 'Swiss Mountain Pine' is originally from the European Alps and is a slow growing small tree growing to 8 ft. This is a variable species, different forms grow in different areas of the Alps, some very low growing and prostrate in habit.

However many varieties are available, and the named cultivars will perfom the most reliably in landscaping applications.

One of the most widely used varieties is Pinus mugo pumilo, a very attractive form that will reach 3ft over time. A good rounded shape and an excellent container plant. attractive green foliage year round means a versatile performer in the garden. (pictured right)


These are a cool climate plant, and will perform best in USDA zones 3 - 8. Excellent in the rock garden, at home in containers and they can even be planted as low hedging plants. Also widely used as groundcovers and for foliage plants in the border.

Pinus Mugo is in fact very slow growing with some species and cultivars growing at only 4cm a year.