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Pleione formosana

 White flowering variety Pleione 'Formosana alba'

An orchid with a few names, Pleione formosana is also known as the 'Windowsill Orchid', 'the 'Peacock Orchid, and the 'Taiwan Orchid'. Whatever you call it, Pleione formosana is an easy care orchid that grows well in the garden as well as in containers.

These are a small growing terrestrial orchid originally from South East Asia. A cool growing orchid they are often grown indoors, however they can do well in the garden.

Flowering in spring to summer they need some protection from frost. Pleione 'Formosana 'alba' (pictured right) is the white flowering species.

A few cultivars such as Pleione formosana 'Oriental Splendor' and Pleione formosana semi-alba 'Cairngorm' are said to have improved color.

Pleione formosana varieties

  • Pleione formosana - Pink to Purple flowers
  • Pleione formosana alba - White flowering species

Other Pleione species include :

  • Pleione pricei
  • Pleione forrestii
  • Pleione limprichtii
  • Pleione tongariro


All are easy by division of established clumps in early spring as new growth commences.