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Rex Begonias

Rex Begonia Iron Cross

At times regarded as the height of 'plant fashion' and at other times seemingly disregarded by the major growers Rex Begonias have always been popular with gardeners especially as house plants. And they are back in fashion again.

Grown as foliage plants they are the Begonia Rex cultorum group, rhizomatous hybrids grown for leaf shape, texture and pattern. Some outstanding cultivars include Begonia Rex 'Iron Cross' (pictures right) and Begonia Rex 'escargot' with its fascinating circular swirl of pattern on the foliage.

Rex Begonias, plants, varieties and types have been used as a house plant for many years they come in a range of colors and leaf forms and are readily available for sale from online nurseries.

Rex Begonia Celebration


Others Include:

  • Begonia Rex 'Black Beauty'.
  • Begonia Rex 'Dark Mambo'.
  • Her Majesty.
  • Magma.
  • Begonia rex yuletide

all are well worth looking for.

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More Info

Rex Begonias do flower, however the flowers are not seen as important at all. These are strictly 'foliage plants'.


As nearly every Rex Begonia is a hybrid, they are only propagated by division of the rhizomes. Thbey can also be propagated by layering a leaf. If you are starting out with Rex Begonias we suggest you look for some of the outstanding varieties offered for sale online. And then consider trying to propagate by the leaf layering method.