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Sabal Palms

Sabal Palm or Sabal Palmetto are Native to Florida, California and other Southern States. It is the floral emblem of Florida and is so hardy that it can even grow in areas affected by salt water. Just to add to its attractions, it is frost tolerant.


We like it for landscaping for its durabiliuty and for the solid look the trunk gives, as well as the good dense head of foliage. The color of the foliage is a mid medium green, howver this does tend to vary according to the soil.

Creamy white flowers in large infloresences in summer, followed by black fruit in fall.

Dwarf Sable Palms are available as well as the larger growing species. Sabal Palms will grow to 60ft, dwarf sable palms (Sabal Minor) are very low growing.

Sabal Palms are popular in Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and California. They are widely used for street plantings, as well as specimen trees. Also planted in clumps or groves where they provide shade and shelter for wildlife.

Growth Rate

Generally slow, in fact the Sabal Palm will take 5 - 6 years before it forms a good sized trunk. Howver with regular watering and regular applications of fertilizer the growth rate can be significally increased.

More information

Sabal Palms are also known as 'Cabbage Palms', the blue palm, or dwarf palmetto.

Prices will range according to height. As a guide from around $180 for a 6 ft plant upward to $250 and more for 12 ft and more.

Sabal Palm or Sabal Palmetto is available for sale from the following nurseries

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