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Senecio Cineraria - 'Dusty Miller'


Senecio Cineraria or 'Dusty Miller' is a mound forming perennial plant with attractive silver / gray foliage.

The foliage of Senecio is so attractive that many gardeners actually remove the flowers as they appear so as not to detract from the wonderful textured silvery gray.

And 'Dusty Miller' is also loved for its versatility, it is a plant that looks wonderful with just about every other plant in the garden.

Grow it in the cottage garden, try it in a mass border planting as a feature edging plant, or even in a container in a small courtyard, 'Dusty Miller' just works well. And for added benefits the foliage can also be used in floral arrangements.

If you live in the warmer zones you will also be pleased to know that this is also a drought tolerant plant. About the only thing 'Dusty Miller' does not like is humidity.

Senecio Varieties

This is not the only garden worthy Senecio, you could also look for :

  • Senecio serpens
  • Senecio amaniensis
  • Senecio articularus


If you are treating 'Dusty Miller' as a perennial, then prune it back fairly hard in early spring. Take it right back to 6 inches or so. You can do a little remedial pruning during summer, however not to much.