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Trillium chloropetalum

Trillium Flower - Trillium pusillum var pusillum

Trillium chloropetalum is variable species with flowers from white and yellow to deep purple. A spring flowering trillium native to the west and north-west coastal areas of the United States. To 30 - 40 cm.

The foliage is usually, but not always mottled, a deep green and maroon. Flowers are held erect.

These Trilliums are adapted to dry summers, so as long as you can provide some shade, little to no water is required over summer.

Trillium Varieties

Although the species Trillium chloropetalum and Trillium chloropetalum var. giganteum are both wonderful in the garden you may wish to look for some of the cultivars, or ‘strains’.

Trillium chloropetalum ‘Volcano’ has excellent leaf colour, strong flower colour and is a vigourous strain. If you want a T.chloropetalum to multiply in the garden this is the one.

The other is a pink flowering form and you may find that one at Far Reaches Farm

Other Trilliums

  • T.pusillum
    Also known as 'dwarf wake robin', Ozark least trillium and least trillium are native across much of the southern part of the US from Oaklahoma to Nth Carolina. White flowers that look stunning in a shaded position.
  • T. recurvatum
    Relatively easy to grow with nice mottled foliage and deep red flowers .
  • T. sulcatum
    From Alabamba and N/E Virginia
  • T. albidum
    Known as the ' Giant White Wakerobin' this one is native to California and nearby states.
  • T. cuneatum
    Are native to S/E USA, attractive marbled foliage with flowers ranging in color from red to, green, brown and yellow with erect petals.

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