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Trillium Plants

Trillium Flower - Trillium pusillum var pusillum

A much sought after plant, Trilliums are a shade loving woodland plant or 'trillium wild flower' also known as the 'wake robin', in the USA.

Many species are now grown commercially and are available for sale from online nurseries with flowers ranging from snow white to deep red. Trillium Grandiflorum and T. erectum are two favourite species.

With around 39 species of trillium plants and flowers they are a varied genus in form, size and color. Flower colours vary and include white, yellow, red and purple and lots of marked variations on these.

Trillium albidum is known as the 'Giant White Wakerobin' while Trillium ovatum is known as the Pacific trillium. The dwarf wake robin is the very pretty Trillium pusillum var pusillum is pictured right (also known as the Carolina Least Trillium).

When looking to buy Trillium Bulbs or plants, make sure that those offered for sale are grown in a nursery from seed, rather than removed from the wild. Wild trillium populations need protection.

Growing Trilliums in Containers

Pot culture is also more susceptible to pathogens, the natural microbes in the open ground make it easier to create a healthy environment.

However it is not always possible to grow in containers, so one solution is to use larger pots. They have better insulation properties simply because of the bulk of soil.

Poor soil in containers is another issue, trilliums need to be repotted every 2 - 3 years. And a one fit growing medium would be great to recommend, however this again will depend on climate. I wet climates you may need a slightly more free draining mix than in dry areas. The addition of perlite can achieve this.

Trillium Varieties

  • T.pusillum
    Also known as 'dwarf wake robin', Ozark least trillium and least trillium are native across much of the southern part of the US from Oaklahoma to Nth Carolina. White flowers that look stunning in a shaded position.
  • T. recurvatum
    Relatively easy to grow with nice mottled foliage and deep red flowers .
  • T. sulcatum
    From Alabamba and N/E Virginia
  • T. albidum
    Known as the ' Giant White Wakerobin' this one is native to California and nearby states.
  • T. cuneatum
    Are native to S/E USA, attractive marbled foliage with flowers ranging in color from red to, green, brown and yellow with erect petals.

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Trillium Seed

Pictured right we have a Trillium seed head, and yes you could collect them and grow them from seed. Or you could even let them self seed in the garden.

The problem with propagation of Trillium from seed is that it takes so long from seed to flower. So if this is this is path you wish to go down, be patient.

The other propagation method is by division. As Trilliums grow they do set offsets and eventually form clumps. These can be carefully dug and divided in Fall or even early spring.

Where to Buy

Readily available for sale from specialist growers.