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Venus Fly Traps

Venus Fly Trap

Sometimes sold as a novelty plant, othertimes promoted as educational, we think that Venus Fly Traps are just one example of the wonders of Mother Nature. Plants that feed on insects, that will grow well indoors are always worth a try.

Venus Fly Traps are one of the more most popular carnivorous plants and Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula) Like other carnivorous plants they trap small insects in a cavity.

With only one species, collectors look for different forms such as 'Akai Ryu' which is a red form rather than the usual green.

Venus Fly Traps are available for sale from the following nurseries

PREDATORY PLANTS - phone - (650) 720-5195
email - info@predatoryplants.com
Specializing in carnivorous plants. venus flytraps, pitcher plants, nepenthes, sundews, sarracenia

CASCADE CARNIVORES - phone: 4253515967
13340 SE 79th PL Newcastle WA postcode: 98059
Carnivorous plant nursery located in Washington state offering tropical pitcher plants, butterworts, Dewy Pines and more. We ship Dewy Pines plants. US sales only.