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Washingtonia Palms

If you are looking for a hardy. easy to grow palm tree with a good growth rate them the Washingtonia Palm could well be it. This is a bit of a controversial palm tree, some people love it because it is so easy to grow and breaks up the urban landscape. Others think its a bit of weed, and it does indeed self seed.

The old growth on the trunks needs to be cleaned away or you end up with a skirt of old foliage. So take it or leave it, one thing is sure, the Washingtonia Palm is easy to grow and hardy.

Washingtonia palms include Washingtonia robusta or 'Mexican fan palm' and Washingtonia filifera or 'California fan palm'. The tall straight trunks that we see are not the natural growth habit, these have generally been pruned or trimmed of old growth, a more natural appearance is to have a 'skirt' of old foliage hanging down the trunk.

Fan Palms are fast growing palm tree suitable for landscaping uses. The fan shaped foliage of these most attractive palms are popular in Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and California

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