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Lotus Flowers

Pink Lotus Flower


If you were looking for one pond plant the Water Lotus would be it. The two species are Nelumbo lutea and Nelumbo nucifera. They are easy to grow, and add a really tropical look to any garden. Nelumbo nucifera is the sacred Lotus.

These are a spreading plant and you need to be a little careful not to over plant, a few varieties are around and we provide a little information to help you decide.

The basic difference between water lotus and the water lily is that the leaves of the lotus are held above the water by as much as 3ft (1m). The central formation of the flower also differs. They do require still water and in most cases are very hardy.

The flowers do close at night to reopen each morning lasting 5-6 days. Remember that the lotus grows from tubers and when planting you need to take care not to damage the growing tip.


Two species of water lotus are available,

  • Nelumbo lutea which is the Native American species
  • Nelumbo nucifera from Asia and the Middle East

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