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Zelkova serrata

Musashino zelkova (Zelkova serrata 'Musashino') is one a number of Japanese Zelkova tree cultivars widely used in landscaping. With a narrow upright habit compared to other Zelkova cultivars including the popular Zelkova 'Green Vase'. Zelkova species and cultivars make ideal street trees and all prefer full sun to part shade.

The real beauty of these trees is their adaptability for use in urban situations. They are reasonably fasy growing, good green foliage from spring through summer and good fall color as well, most being a yellow to coppery red.

Most species are well suited to USDA Zones 5 - 8.

The main trick with growing Zelkova serrata is to prune it to a good shape when young. They tend to be a little crowded in the head. A good nursery will have already started this process.

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