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Bessera elegans

Bessera elegans

One of the more dainty and exotic bulbs, Bessera elegans is from South America, with red to pink flowers and very attractive. Rarely offered for sale this is a beautiful plant when in flower, from late summer to fall.

Reaching around 1ft in height the coral pink and orange flowers hang nodding high above the foliage. A purple flowering form is also available, however rare in cultivation.

You will find that when you buy the bulbs they look fairly small, however they are well worth the money as the flowers really are fascinating.

Although we grow these bulbs in containers, they are equally at home in the rock garden.


Bessara Species

Here things become a little difficult, it is suggest that some of the previously named Bessera species actually belong to the Behria species. B.elegans is widely accepted, the others seem debatable.

  • Bessera elegans - 'Coral Drops'.
  • Bessera tenuifolia
  • Bessera tuitensis



Propagation from seed is not difficult.

However cultivation is easier by division, as they will quickly multiply in the container, it is easier to divide the corms in winter when dormant.


Where to buy

Bessera elegans are available for sale from the following online suppliers.

BRENT and BECKY'S BULBS - Ordering: (877) 661-2852
7900 Daffodil Lane Gloucester, VA 23061