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Canarina canariensis

Canarina canariensis


A winter flowering scrambling vine, Canarina canariensis is commonly called the Canary Island Bellflower and it is related to other bellflowers.

With wonderful orange and red bell shaped flowers 4 - 5 cm across the flowers do pack a punch.

Growing naturally in the cooler foothills this is a tuberous plant that is summer dormant, making it a great addition to areas with hot summers, it simply goes underground.

Growing from tubers which store ample energy during dormancy, Canarina canariensis will spring back to life in late autumn where it will happily scramble over whatever is nearby.

We like to train the plant up a support post, a few plant ties do the trick. This adds a little height and allows the bells to be shown off more easily in winter.

Propagation form seed is not difficult, however it may take up to 8 weeks, best planted in biodegradable pots, keep warm and moist.