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Cryptomeria Japonica

Cryptomeria japonica - The Japanese Cedar

Although Cryptomeria japonica is the only species in the genus this does not mean that all Cryptomeria varieties are the same. In Japan the common name is 'Sugi', they are also known as the Japanese Cedar.

The species itself is a tall evergreen tree that can reach 30 - 40 ft in height, a fairly vigorous grower with a good upright habit with green foliage.

We also have Cryptomeria japonica elegans, one of the more popular varieties, very soft foliage that turns a very nice plum red over winter. It will still reach 30 ft in time.

We also have the smaller growing varieties, and these are widely used in gardens.

Landscaping Uses

From large feature trees to low growing, slow growing hedging plants, Cryptomeria have a lot to offer landscaper.

Where to Buy

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