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Hamamelis - The Witch Hazels

Hamamelis x intermedia

Known as the witch hazels, Hamamelis are a group of fall to winter flowering plants. Although only five species in the genus, these plants have been hybridized and well over 50 cultivars are available for sale.

Valued in the garden for the color they add in winter, they are a group of particularly hardy and easy care plants.

With fragrant flowers in a range of colors from the brilliant red of Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane' to the strong yellows of Hamamelis vernalis these are a must have plant for winter fragrance and color.

All varieties are fragrant, however some better than others, 'Arnold Promise' is perhaps one of the best fragrant yellow flowering varieties

Hamamelis Varieties

  • Hamamelis x intermedia is a hybrid between the Chinese and Japanese species

  • Hamamelis vernalis is the Ozark witch hazel

  • Hamamelis virginiana is another of the American witch hazels

  • Hamamelis mollis is the Chinese witch hazel

  • Hamamelis japonica is the Japanese witch hazel


Hamamelis are best pruned after the flowers have faded. Most witch hazels are grafted, so start with removing any suckers from below the graft.

You can tidy up the plant by removing any dead or damaged wood, and then any growth that seems a little errant. Small spindly stems can also be removed.

If you need to prune to size, cut back to leaf buds on last seasons wood. You can get a little fancy and espalier these wonderful plants, if you have the inclination.

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