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Hexastylis virginica

Hexastylis virginica (Asarum virginica) is a native, evergreen "Wild Ginger" used widely as a ground cover plant. Very low growing it as a hardy plant originally found on the edges of woodland areas in dappled shade.

Valued for its glossy silvery marbled foliage Hexastylis virginica prefers a well-drained soil. Also known as the 'Virginia Heart-leaf' this hardy ground-cover plant that will slowly spread to form an attractive mat. Red flowers in early spring are attractive but the main feature is the foliage.

Foliage and roots are aromatic when rubbed or crushed giving a ginger smell. The flowers are attractive, however usually held below the foliage and often escape being seen.

Landscaping Uses

An excellent ground cover plant with attractive foliage. Can also be grown in containers.

Useful for the ability to grow well in deep shade. Grows well with Trilliums, Ferns, Hellebores and other shade loving plants.

Best planted near the edge of the border, or along a path so that the attractive foliage can be seen. Also excellent in mass plantings, although slow to establish.