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Kalmia latifolia - The Mountain laurel

kalmia latifolia


A native plant that often fails to get the attention it deserves, Kalmia latifolia is commonly called 'The Mountain Laurel'. It is native to east coast from Florida Connecticut and widely used as a garden plant in other areas, but widely seen in gardens across Europe. It is perhaps the new cultivars with brighter flowers that are getting the attention today.

Grown for the attractive flowers in spring this is a plant that rarely reaches more than 9ft in cultivation, in the wild twice this is not uncommon.

Although the species itself is popular, an interesting twisting trunk, good foliage and brilliant flowers, it is the cultivars that are adding extra interest with landscapers today.

Growing naturally in the foothills and mountains it is best suited to USDA Zones 4 - 9. In colder zones it is a plant that will need protection in winter.


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