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Kirengeshoma palmata

Kirengeshoma palmata are a woodland plant from Japan. Dormant in winter they require shaded to part shaded position with protection from afternoon sun. Kirengeshoma require a humus rich moist position. We suggest digging in well rotted mushroom compost. Also known as 'Yellow wax Bells'

Excellent for planting near hydrangeas as they do love similar conditions. It is Kirengeshoma palmata with its wonderful green foliage and bell shaped yellow flowers that is the most widely grown.

Over time forming a large but tidy clump with the yellow flowers rising above the foliage from summer to fall. The foliage in itself is large and palmate, a good mid green.


Soil - Humus rich well drained

Position - Dappled shade

Flowers - Yellow, tubular bell shaped

Height - 3ft