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If you are looking for value from a drought tolerant shrub, then Leucadendrons certainly fit the bill. From south Africa,these long lived plants provide colour almost year round, and of course even more so when in flower.

Some species are tall growing, other low growing ranging from 3 ft to 15 ft. If you choose the right variety you can find a great plant for container growing or in the ground.

Another advantage of these hardy plants is that they thrive in poor soils, they rarely require fertiliser, and in fact you should make sure that if you do use fertiliser it must be a no phosphate type.

Leucadendrons are popular plants in the garden border, and are also used widely in the cut flower and foliage industry. They are loved by the florists as they have such a long life and can last in arrangement from 3 - 6 weeks depending on the care and the species.

In the garden they also shine, flowering for weeks with brilliant colors, and easy care plants they are as well.

The flower itself is actuallt two parts, the stiff colorful bracts and the cone like flower itself in the centre. Howver it is the femal plants that have the central cones, male plants do not and are seen as a little inferior in the garden.

With many leucodendron species and even more cultivars the choice is great with this genus. Leucadendron laureolum x strobilinum with its large bright flowers is an excellent example.

Leucadendron modestum


  • Plants such as the popular Leacodendron 'Safari sunset' will grow to nearly 8' and are generally a drought tolerant plant.
  • Leucodendron argenteum is a silver foliaged plant, fast growing and very attractive. Leucadendron modestum is also popular (pictured right).
  • Leucodendon galpinii ( silver balls) has green - silver foliage and ball like cones or flowers. While ' Winter Red' has lovely red / pink foliage, and again is frost and drought tolerant.


Leucodendrons come in two types, Single flower and Multi Flower. These need to be pruned differently. However the general rule is to prune regularly from a young age.

If you let Leucodendrons get to leggy and woody, it is difficult to get them back into shape. When hard pruned into old wool they tend not to reshoot and you loose the plant.

  • Single Flower Types
    Tip Prune for the first season. After that prune as if you were picking long stemmed flowers

  • Multi Flower Types
    Prune as if you were cutting long stemmed clusters of flowers.

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