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Lewisia cotlyedon hybrid

Lewisia plants are a native of North America and are a fantastic flowering Alpine or Rock Garden Plant. Being succulents they grow well in fairly dry soils. Aslo known as 'Bitter Root' over 100 species have been identified, however few are offered for sale.

A group of mound forming evergreen perennial, that are actually flowering succulents Lewisia do well in rock gardens. One of the more widely grown species is Lewisia cotyledon.

Being a cool climate plant Lewisias do vary in the ammount of sun they require. In the natural environment most would grow in full sun. In cultivation all need protection from hot sun.

The modern hybrids of Lewisia cotyledon produce brilliant flowers that rise above the rosette like foliage in spring.

They make excellent container plants, and the long flowering nature along with attractive foliage make them useful year round.

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Popular Lewisia species include:

  • Lewisia cotyledon - The most commonly grown and hybridised species. Flower color seems to vary, even on the one plant.
  • Lewisia columbiana - An interesting species from Brittish Columbia. Small flowers, but delicate and attractive
  • Lewisia rediviva - Large flowers in this ummer dormant species.
  • Lewisia tweedyi - Another species from Brittish Columbia, large flowers that are a creamy yellow to apricot pink.