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Luculia pinceana

Luculia pinceana


For fragrance, Luculia pinceana is one of the best fall to winter flowering plants you can find. It is from the foothills of the Himalayas and is smaller growing than other species. It is a frost tender plant, however much loved.

Regarded as evergreen by some, Luculia pinceana is deciduous or at least semi deciduous in cooler zones. The pink flowers are sweetly scented with a musk fragrance. When in full bloom this small tree can fill a garden with perfume.

Plant Luculia pinceana near a path or perhaps an entry to the house, the fragrance in fall will be outstanding.



Popular varieties include :

  • Luculia pinceana 'fragrant cloud'
  • Luculia pinceana 'fragrant pearl'
  • Luculia pinceana 'pink spice'
  • Luculia pinceana 'early dawn'
    Very intense pink flowers after red buds, most attractive.


The species can be propagated from seed. Easy from cuttings taken in late spring. Cuttings will need a warm humid position, strike rate is increased with bottom heat.