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Solomon's seal - Polygonatum


Solomon's Seal

When gardeners talk about Solomon’ seal they may be referring to a number of plants, commonly Polygonatum odoratum, Polygonatum odoratum or Polygonatum x hybridum. Wonderful shade loving plants, easy care and readily available for sale online.

Polygonatum odoratum is the fragrant Solomon’s Seal and P x hybridum is a hybrid between P. mulitiflorum and P. odoratum. Both are widely grown, however not the only varieties.

With striking tall flowers is a frost hardy perennial, widely grown in woodland and cottage gardens. A great plant for any shady position, tall stems with ovoid to elliptical foliage are an attractive addition, however it is the hanging white flowers that are the main attraction from spring to early summer.

Growing Polygonatum in Containers

You can easily grow Solomon's Seal in containers, simply use a good quality potting mix, loated the container in at least afternoon shade and keep moist. You willneed to fertilize more frequently in containers however if you have a small courtyard, containers will work well.

Polygonatum Varieties

Although the old fashioned Solomon’s Seal with its graceful arching habit is by far the most widely grown, other varieties are worth exploring

  • Polygonatum curvistylum is a species from China, a more upright growth habit with pinto mauve bells hanging beneath the foliage from the leaf axils

  • Polygonatum humile is a dwarf species from Japan, broad foliage held close to the stem and pure white flowers

  • Polygonatum flacatum variegatum is from Korea, China and Japan,good variegated foliage and again white flowers.

  • Polygonatum cirrhifolium is a rare orange to red flowering form, very narrow foliage. It likes to ‘climb’ through other plants and can reach over 6ft.

  • Polygonatum kingianum is a very desirable form, orange/red flowers and another, ‘climbing’ species. It does need a position where it can climb into the sun.


Looking at Bulbs in more detail

Polygonatum problems.

Slugs and snails can be an issue with new shoots, however we have not found this to be much of an issue. The plants send up shoots quickly and mostly theuy are strong.

In very deep shade flowering can be weak, so make sure you get some light filtering through.

Extended dry periods in spring can cause problems, supplementry watering may be required.

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