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Rosa F. J Grootendorst

Rosa F.J Grootendorst

F J Grootendorst is a Rugosa type rose with large clusters of deep pink flowers. From 10 - 20 individual flowers in a cluster reming us us carnations.

The flowers individually may not be as large as some other Rugosa types however they do appear in masses with a slight fragrance.

The foliage is a deep green and heavily textured as you would expect from a rugosa rose. The growth habit is upright to around 3 - 4 ft. Long flowering from spring through summer, this is a rose that could be used as a low hedging plant.


Like most roses, this is very hardy and require little care. Once established it is fairly drought tolerant and will grow well in USDA zones 5 - 9. A weel drained humus rich soil and a sunny open position suit best.


  • Full Sun
  • Humus Rich Soil
  • Slow release organic type fertiliser in spring


Although this rose can be grown from both softwood and hardwood cuttings it can be a little difficult to strike successfully. Uses a rooting hormone to improve strike rate.


Pruning is the same as for all Rugosa Type Roses. For the first few years little pruning will be required. After that remove 1/3 of the overall growth and 1/4 of the oldest canes.

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