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Aeonium are originally from the Canary Islands and nearby areas. A succulent plant aeoniums do well in pots and can make a great feature plant

Aeonium plants and species are a group of succulents that include : Aeonium arboreum, schwarzkopf, tabuliforme, atropurpureum and others. One of the better ornamental succulent plants Aeonium species and cultivars make great container plants


Aeonium tabuliforme

Popular species include and Aeonium tabuliforme.

  • Aeonium arboreum
  • Aeonium tabuliforme
  • Black aeonium cultivars such as Aeonium atropurpureum 'schwarzkopf' (zwartkop)


The species can be propagated from seed.

Cultivars are intersting in that they can also be propagted from seed. However as many cultivars are close to sterile, plants are usuall propagated by grafting from the more desirable forms to a sturdy rootstock.


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