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Agave gypsophila


Agave gypsophila or 'Century Plant' is originally from Mexico and is an Agave that does well in semi shade. The foliage color is a blue grey in full sun, however tending to green in shade.

The long aching foliage is armed with spikes along the margins. The undulating or wavy edges are an attraction. Variegated varieties have a mid green to grey centre with creamy margins.

Growing to 3 feet with wavy foliage with spines along the edge, both the species and the cultivars have become very popular with gardeners and landscapers alike for the color and texture that they add to the garden.

Flowering is not regular however this Agave will produce 12 ft yellow flower spikes.

Mostly grown in containers as they make a wonderful feature plant on a patio, deck or balcony, although in the right climate they do grow well in the ground.


Popular cultivars worth looking for include :

  • Agave gypsophila 'Curly' or
  • Agave gypsophila 'Ivory Curls'


Propagation is easy from offsets.

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