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Euphorbia milii - 'Crown of Thorns'

Euphorbia milii - 'Crown of Thorns'

Although Euphorbia millii is better known as the ‘Crown of Thorns’ those that we see in cultivation are mainly hybrids. These are a succulent plant however they do require a little more water than most.

With bare stems that are covered with rows of sharp thorns, the contrasting crown or foliage and attractive flowers give this plant a bit of a dual personality.

This is a long flowering plant, the nain flowering time is in the winter months, although spot flowers will appear throughout the year. When grown indoors, it can flower almost continually, although it is best to try to give the plant arest during the summer months.

Used widely as indoor plants, they will also grow well in the garden in the warmer zones. The hybrids vary greatly in size, from large growing plants similar to the species, to smaller more compact forms.


Euphorbia milii -Varieties

Euphorbia milii - Green Flowering Variety'

As with so many plants the hybids offered for sale increase the variety both in plant size and flower color.

Many of the hybrids offered are smaller growing, and the flower colors vary from rosey red to pale pink, yellow, white and also green. You will also find that the hybrids are more floriferous than the species in most cases.

Mnay of these hybrids have been developed in Thailand, known both as Thai hybrids and Poysean hybrids. Poysean being the Chinese name for Euphorbis milii. These have been widely exported and are now available around the world.

You will see these sold as Euphorbia x lomi with this refering to the parentage, many being E. milii and E. lophogona crosses. So E. x lomi 'Salmon' has the Salmon Pink flowers which are very popular.

Care is the same for all.