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Succulent plants container grown


With so many types of succulents available you can easily find a variety to suit almost any gardening situation. Used as outdoor plants, potted specimens and as roof plants they are one of the most widely grown group of plants sold.

Storing water in their fleshy stems, leaves and or root systems, succulents are admired for the foliage, hower they do flower as well, many with veryy attractive and fascinating flowers.

Defining Succulents

Succulents are a large group of plants that get their name from the nature of the foliage stems and root system, they simply store moisture in them. Although they are seen as desert plants this is not entirely true, many varieties come from areas that do receive good rain at various times of the year.

One thing in common is that all succulents grow in areas of very good drainage, they are not usually found in soils that are water retentive.

Many common garden plants are succulents, aeonium, aloe, sedum, agave and cactus are a few. To lump these plants into a single group for care might seem logical, however care requirements do vary greatly.

Another misconception is that succulents come from Africa, they are in fact found in many areas including Australia, North and Central America and through the Middle east

Succulent Plants in flower
Many succulents do have wonderful flowers, including Rebutia (pictured right) for more information and photographs to help with identification explore the varieties listed below.

Succulent Varieties